Personalised Protein Powder

$51.50 per unit


Personalised Protein Powder is designed with you in mind, a safe unflavored formulation that when combined with your Protein Meal Replacement shakes, will help you shift those last few stubborn kg`s, that are always the hardest to get rid of.

This product aids in providing your body with an additional 5 grams of soy/whey protein (per 15mls, naturally enriched with isoflavones). The formulation has no sugars, carbohydrates, yeast lactose or sweeteners. To enhance your efforts in either weight lose or adding extra muscle while bulking up, simply add one to two scoops into your shakes and watch the magic happen. Please email us for you personalised protein meal plan today. All the best in health.


Personalised protein powder will subdue your hunger cravings, hence making you feel fuller for longer. Whey protein is also contained within the formula and is essential for muscle growth. Provided is access to a mentor that will guide you though your correct usage so you may get the best out of your additional personalised protein enhancer.

The way protein works for you is simple, what it actually does is helps convert the fat into lean muscle, and therefore aiding in your weight management goals, The main benefit to you is that not only will it shift the fat and convert it into lean muscle, but it will also reshape you while working on a cellular level leaving you a body that is trim and lean, the one that you deserve and worked so hard for.